Nicky Wilmas – Owner + Lead Photographer

I am 33 years old and from St.Louis, MO. I’ve always had a passion for art and fashion, and truly stumbled onto my love of photography. my first camera was something I bought from a garage sale when I was 10 years old. I loved posing my golden retriever in front of a back drop and finding new ways to use light to my advantage. Soon my puppy became board with me and I had to venture out and try something new. My friends were more than willing to let me use them and fine tune my craft. I feel as if I’m learning everyday and that my style and eye changes every second. After 15 years of playing with my camera I decided to take it a step further. And again through the help of my friends I learned that I could make this thing I enjoyed, into a career I loved. In 2010 I started my first company Nicolette Katharine Photography. With the help of my then boyfriend I got started with a small canon snapshot. I loved the colors I could get using that camera and I vowed to never use another brand from then on. My company grew and grew. Then in 2012 I decided to grow some more. With the help of the boyfriend that then became the fiancé… I ventured out as Woven Bone Photography. I loved the way this name felt. It was darker and more artistic sounding. Though this name has no great story, I always wished it did. So here is my attempt. Woven Bone means a new beginning. by weaving in new friends, by creating new family, and by growing stronger bones I have truly fallen in love with what I do. capturing everyday families in their true nature… Love. Oh, And that boyfriend that became a fiancé and now the best husband/father ever, knows me better than I ever could, because he showed me my true passion. Love through a lens.




David Fichtenmayer

Videographer – photographer – veteren



Erin Ridge

Lead Photographer




Kate Walters







Debbie Kindschuh


Debbie Kindschuh has been photographing the beauty of people and places for many years. She has formally studied media and technology and enjoys the challenge of learning new trends in technology. She and her husband have traveled a great deal and Debbie has had the opportunity to photograph people of many different cultures. Through Woven Bone Photography Debbie has learned the craft of videography and she really enjoys capturing those special moments in video. Her videos help tell the story of our client’s special day , right down to the fine details. Debbie freelances photography and videography and enjoys being quite busy.


Shell Enste

Newborn Photography

Hi there! I’m Shell Enste, the most easy-going, creative, fun newborn photographer around. I love being able to offer my clients an incredible experience that provides them beautiful art of the most important moments in their life. What sets me apart is how I eliminate all uncertainty and anxiety for parents, so you can get the heirloom photos you want without any stress at all. My parent prep-sheet tells you everything you need to know, so your studio-based newborn session is easy and enjoyable. A bit about me…I’m a fun-loving, outgoing person who has endless patience when it comes to calming fussy babies and getting the perfect shot. I have two kids and a husband of my own, so I completely get it! With on-trend props, I’ll design a set for you OR work from your own ideas. This process is completely flexible. I’ve been mentored by Stephanie Cotta and have years of experience with newborn photography. Along with family, reading and traveling, photography is one of the great joys of my life. I can’t wait to work with you!

Alaina Cissell


This is my second year with Woven Bone. I work full time as a private nanny during the week. Any free time I have is spent practicing with my camera and spending time with my family, my boyfriend and our dog and cat. I’ve always loved photography and am so happy to have been given the opportunity to grow and learn with this company!






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